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» Dowsers And Pendulums

Dowsers And Pendulums

A fantastic tool which can provide intuitive guidance and confidence in answering questions you find difficult to answer.

You can discretely carry around a Dowser/Pendulum in your pocket or bag. Alternatively you can even wearing one of our Chakra Pendulums cunningly disguised as a bracelet (see below)!

Whenever you feel the need for guidance, simply take out your Dowser/Pendulum and use it to help you take the right path.

To do this, you first of all need to get to know your crystals, how they 'feel' and how you interact with them. The more you are in contact with crystals, the more you can form a type of bond with them. First just hold the dowser/pendulum, close your eyes and sense how it feel to you. After some bonding time, hold it by the end with the crystal pointing down, then try asking yes or no questions you know the answers to. Notice whether the pendulum starts to move back and forth, left and right, or round in clockwise or anti-clockwise circles.

Over a short time, you will get to know which motion means 'yes', 'no' and 'it's not clear just yet'. When you are confident you know the meanings of the motions, you are then in a position to use the dowser for questions you do not know the answers to. The more you wear, use and bond with your Dowser/Pendulum, the more accurate you should find it to be.

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