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Tuning Forks

We have weighted and unweighted tuning forks for many different purposes, including the new 528 Hz DNA Repair Tuning Forks, Om Tuning Forks, Astral Mental Tuning Forks, The Harmonious 432 Hz Tuning Forks, and even Cellulite Reduction Tuning Forks, to name a few.

All of our Forks come with their own stunning presentation pouch or box. The Crystal Tipped Tuning Forks come with wooden mallets (as shown in the respective photos). You are able to order a variety of wooden or rubber mallets for all other Tuning Forks (see Tuning Fork Accessories below). When struck with a wooden mallet, the forks product a hard clear higher tone with a soft low resonating undertone - it is the undertone which is calibrated to the various frequencies. The rubber mallets do not give the higher tone but a louder resonating undertone, which can be heard clearly by placing the tuning fork closer to your ear.

This is not all! We now have available a great range of Energy Bar Chimes for rich lasting sounds, tuned to each individual Chakra for meditating, healing, relaxing and balancing, click here to view our Energy Bar Chimes.

If you are a newcomer to vibrational therapy click here to view how to use some of our most popular tuning forks.

If feel drawn to tuning fork therapies, you may wish to right click on this page and save to your favourites.

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