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Holistic Services

What is Holism?

Wikipedia refers to 'Holism': "In theological anthropology, which belongs to theology and not to anthropology, holism is the belief that the nature of humans consists of an ultimately divisible union of components such as body, soul and spirit."

The aim of our Holistic Services is to aid the body, soul and spirit as a whole, rather than working individually on the physical body, the personality, the soul or the spirit. Energy that affects the physical body will also affect the etheric bodies and vice versa and can affect our intuitive connection positively or negatively; therefore it is beneficial to look at the whole picture, rather than one component of our being.


Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings are undertaken by our either Director, Allison Chan, or other suitably vetted readers.

There are many terms associated with Mediumship and sixth sense abilities. Without complicating matters, while one may not actually physically see people, who have passed over, walking around or hear them talking, one may receive intuitive knowledge and ideas about things that could not possibly have been know. Intuition is a necessary gift to read the tarot effectively, whether the cards are read traditionally through learned knowledge, or whether the cards are read purely on intuition.

Our Tarot Readings are generally undertaken by email or by appointment at our premises.

We also can accommodate functions and fayres by appointment and agreement, for further details please email

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Fact Sheets

To help educate people in the products we sell, we have produced a number of our own fact sheets which we hope our visitors will enjoy. We shall be adding to these over time with useful information which we hope will assist our guests to be able to choose goods which are beneficial to their health and wellbeing.

Did you know? On our site, you can also search for a product in the search bar by ailment, not just by the name of the product!


Our FREE Services

In an age where customer service often seems a thing of the past, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our customers. Click here to access FREE services we offer!

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