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Tarot Readings

Worldwide Mediums & Psychics Certificate

Tarot Readings are undertaken by our either Director, Allison Chan, or other suitably vetted readers.

There are many terms associated with Mediumship and sixth sense abilities. Without complicating matters, while one may not actually physically see people, who have passed over, walking around or hear them talking, one may receive intuitive knowledge and ideas about things that could not possibly have been know. Intuition is a necessary gift to read the tarot effectively, whether the cards are read traditionally through learned knowledge, or whether the cards are read purely on intuition.

Our Tarot Readings are generally undertaken by email or by appointment at our premises.

We also can accommodate functions and fayres by appointment and agreement, for further details please email

Tarot Readings by Email £25

To receive a reading by email, click the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the payment instructions. Then pick thirteen numbers between 1 and 78, email them to us at and advise the area(s) you are interested in exploring. Upon receipt we will conduct your reading and email it to you at our earliest opportunity. Our standard email readings are usually around 500 words.

Buy purchasing a Email Tarot Reading you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

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Readings at our Premises:

Since Allison is qualified in many holistic and etheric areas, she goes the extra mile. The room and cards are always cleansed prior to a tarot reading and incense is used to create the perfect setting.

It is often the case that people who come for a tarot reading have their own intuitive gifts. By using tools to assist and enhance these gifts, we often find that Clients can experience their own 'Eureka' moments when ideas, solutions and messages come to them out of the blue.

We offer COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE the optional use of Aura Chakra and/or Angel Sprays as well as Crystal Water as standard practice during Tarot Readings at our premises.

As Body Soul & Spirit are qualified practitioners in a number of holistic and esoteric therapies, we capitalise on this and combine the different areas of our expertise so that you get the most out of our Tarot Readings and Services.

General Tarot Reading £25.00

We use the Astrological Spread for our General Tarot Reading, starting at the First House and ending at the Twelfth, which goes into different areas of one’s life. There is a thirteenth card placed for guidance.

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Extended Tarot Reading £35.00

For only an additional £10, you get two readings. While the General Tarot Reading is a great all rounder, the cards you pick may not necessarily bring up the areas that are particularly on your mind. The Extended Tarot Reading offers you the General Tarot Reading PLUS a reading in an area or areas of your choice. The second spread will be tailored to the type of reading you require.

Buy purchasing an Extended Tarot Reading you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

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Booking a Tarot Reading at Our Premises

Please note that payment is required upon booking – this is due to the amount of preparatory work that we undertake prior to commencing a reading. This also alleviates the possibility of any unfair exchange of energy.

There are several ways to book a Tarot Reading:

  1. Make an appointment at the shop, we have a diary behind the counter and we will agree a date and time with you. You can pay online here before you make the booking at the shop, or you can pay at the till at the time of booking.
  2. Pay online here and then call us at the shop on 01305 787757 with your details and advise when you are free for a reading. We will check our diary and agree a date over the phone.

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